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07:00 – Wake up, get showered and head down to breakfast.
07:30 – Leave for the circuit with my team mates after a couple of coffees.
08:00 – Arrive at the circuit, fully awake now after the near death experience of Marcos Siebert’s driving in the rain! After greeting the team, I sit down with my engineer to go through the final prep for a wet qualifying session.
08:30 – 30 minutes or so before getting in the car I do my warm-up. This usually involves stretching, skipping and some bodyweight exercises.
09:30 – 10 minutes before the start of qualifying and the rain has intensified, I’ve driven my car to the F1 pitlane from the support paddock. Once in the pitlane, we wait for the green light for Quali to start.

10:00 – After a few delays, I’m informed by my engineer that Qualifying has been cancelled due to the weaher conditions, and I am to drive the car back to the support paddock. On the way back, I had half a chance to sample the conditions, I didn’t think it was too bad until I got onto the back straight before Ascari. With such bad spray, i could hardly see the car which was 100 meters ahead, despite driving at less than half our usual speed.
11:00 – I’m informed that the grid for Race 1 will be set by FP1 results rather than championship standings. I’m hugely disappointed as I was blocked on my quickest lap and have to start 15th on the grid. Anything is possible at Monza though, especially in torrential rain, so I’m looking forward to the race.
13:00 – Lunch with the team in the GP3/F2 Hospitality. Faced with the difficult choice of getting an ice-cream or looking like a professional racing driver…I went with the option of looking the part.

14:00 – Time for the Formula 1 Qualifying, so my team mates and I head to the Campos F2 truck to watch it there. After seven minutes of running, the session is halted due to the treacherous conditions.
14:30 – Watching “15 Minute Delay” pop up on screen and wondering if the rain will stop.
15:00 – “15 Minute Delay”.
15:30 – “15 Minute Delay”.
16:00 – After what felt like an age of waiting, we witness history from Lewis Hamilton as he takes his 69th pole position. Really pumped up for the GP3 race now!

16:30 – Brought straight back down to earth as I find out that Race 2 has been cancelled and Race 1 would be on Sunday morning.
17:30 – Watched an enthralling Formula 2 race, hoping for similar action in the GP3 race on Sunday.
19:00 – Back at the hotel now after a weird day at the track.
20:00 – Dinner with my team mates. Main topic of conversation being whether we will have 3 races in Jerez to make up for having Race 2 cancelled.
23:00 – Bed time, what an odd day. Disappointed not to have done a single flying lap, but really keen for tomorrow’s action.

  ISSUE112 GP3
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