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We review the best driver stats from the 2018 season.

Most wins:  4 (Nikita Mazepin)

Most second place finishes:   4 (Anthoine Hubert)

Most third place finishes:  5 (Anthoine Hubert)

Most podium places:  11 (Anthoine Hubert)

Most podium places from outside the front row:   6 (Anthoine Hubert)

Most podium places without a win:  2 (Ryan Tveter and Joey Mawson)

Most pole positions:  2 (Anthoine Hubert, Leonardo Pulcini and David Beckmann)

Most Fastest Laps:   5 (Nikita Mazepin)

Most Bonus points for fastest laps:   5 (Nikita Mazepin)

Most races led:   5 (Nikita Mazepin)

Most laps Led:   56 (Nikita Mazepin)

Most front row starts:   5 (Anthoine Hubert)

Number of different winners:   9 (Nikita Mazepin, David Beckmann, Callum Ilott, Anthoine Hubert, Pedro Piquet, Leonardo Pulcini, Giuliano Alesi, Jake Hughes, and Dorian Boccolacci)

Number of rookie winners:  4 (Nikita Mazepin– 4, David Beckmann – 3, Callum Ilott – 2, Pedro Piquet – 2)

Number of second place finishers:  10 (Callum Ilott, Anthoine Hubert, Nikita Mazepin, Jake Hughes, Pedro Piquet, Giuliano Alesi, Ryan Tveter, David Beckmann, Joey Mawson, and Leonardo Pulcini)

Number of third place finishers:  10 (Callum Ilott, Anthoine Hubert, Jake Hughes, Giuliano Alesi, Ryan Tveter, Joey Mawson, Leonardo Pulcini, Simo Laaksonen, Richard Verschoor, Alessio Lorandi)

Number of Feature Race wins from pole position:  5 (David Beckmann – 2, Callum Ilott – 1, Anthoine Hubert – 1, Leonardo Pulcini – 1)

Number of podium finishers:   14 (Anthoine Hubert, Nikita Mazepin, Callum Ilott, Leonardo Pulcini, Pedro Piquet, Giuliano Alesi, David Beckmann, Jake Hughes, Ryan Tveter, Joey Mawson, Alessio Lorandi, Dorian Boccolacci, Richard Verschoor, Simo Laaksonen)

Number of race leaders:   11 (Nikita Mazepin, Pedro Piquet, David Beckmann, Callum Ilott, Dorian Boccolacci, Jacke Hughes, Giuliano Alesi, Joey Mawson, Leonardo Pulcini, Anthoine Hubert, Juan Manuel Correa)

Number of drivers who led a race without a win:   2 (Joey Mawson and Juan Manuel Correa)

Number of pole sitters:   6 (Anthoine Hubert, David Beckmann, Leonardo Pulcini, Dorian Boccolacci, Callum Ilott, Nikita Mazepin)

Most races completed in the points:   15/18 (Callum Ilott)

Highest raced distance:  1756 kms (Simo Laaksonen)

Number of drivers to have scored a point:   19/24

Number of rookies to score points:   10

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