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In the beginning

I think the first time I drove a go-kart was when I was eight years old, in about 2006, and in the same year I did my first race. Some of my father’s friends were also doing go-kart races, so that’s why I tried to have a go and that’s how I started. I did karting for around eight years, and then moved into F4. I did French F4 first before going to the German series – in French F4, I was sixth overall and then 11th in German F4. After that I moved up to Euroformula Open, and was with Campos then as well, so the first steps in GP3 were a little bit easier because I already knew the team, so it helped a little bit to get the car where I wanted it when I came here.


I’ve always followed Kimi [Raikkonen], he’s always been in F1 since I started watching the races, so he’s some kind of hero to me. I look up to him, although I haven’t met him!

Race day routine

We usually arrive at the track around two hours before the session begins, and usually have some meetings with the engineers beforehand. Usually, the main points are what will happen, how we expect the conditions to be, and what strategies we go for. Once we’ve worked with the team, it’s time to warm up and get ready for the race. We have our trainer, and we do the same warm-up exercises, like the jump rope and also using lights for reactions.

On the starting grid

Usually, I just focus on the lights, and work with the team on what happens into the first corner. I don’t usually think ahead of that, but I try to make a good start and some kind of plan depending on who’s around me on the grid.

Hobbies away from the track

I love all kind of sports. During the season I’m living in Spain near the team, but when I go home to Finland I also work with my father. He owns a farm, so I usually work there. In the winter there’s one sport which I do a lot – which is ice hockey. That’s what I mainly get up to.

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