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Juan Manuel Correa unveils the secrets behind his unique racing helmet design.

Colour and finish

It’s the first time that I’ve ever used a matte finish – there’s bits where I have a normal, glossy red and then the rest is all matte. It’s got a bit of glitter gold too – I love a bit of gold, so I wanted to have that in! I also use the carbon finish which looks good with the matte!

I like to keep a cleaner design at the front, one single colour so you can see me more easily. I have it red on this helmet, so when the camera’s facing me it’s predominantly red. I’ll get a new one for Abu Dhabi, it’ll be the same design, but it’ll have some Jenzer blue on it instead of all the red!


I’ve had this on all my helmets for four or five years is the JM on the side – sometimes, not many people can see it! It goes around both sides, and I’ve been using it since about 2012.

American Flag

I integrated this into the design a couple of years ago when I started single seaters. It’s not so obvious, you don’t see the whole flag but it gives it a nice American touch! If you’ve seen my overalls, which are very American themed, it kind of complements that!

Bell Helmets

I’ve been using Bell since about six years ago, and I find that the support that you get from it is really nice. The visor colour isn’t my choice, it’s whatever Bell give me! The red and blue fits in with the American theme, I guess…

  ISSUE 123 GP3
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