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How big is your family?
My dad has three siblings, and my mother has seven. So it’s quite big with a lot of cousins, and my dad was married before with another person – so I have three step-brothers.

If you were an animal which one would it be?
I’ve never thought about it! I guess everyone says lions or tigers…I’ll stick to wolf, then. The wolf just does his own thing, and has a good time.

What’s your favourite pastime?
Travelling! I just really like those kinds of experiences and discovering new places. Places like Asia – I’m from Central America, so it’s a new culture to experience. Travelling’s my favourite thing to do, for culinary experiences, for the hospitality, all of those things.

Who would play you in a biopic about your life?
I’ll go for Jack Nicholson! I hope to be as cool as him when I’m old, have some good stories in my pocket.

What was your best subject at school?
Science, math, history…actually, it’s funny because you’re always afraid of math and those kinds of subjects, but I started to really get into science. There was a time where I was about to get thrown out of school, but there was this national chemistry contest in Mexico and you had to make this project. We won it at middle-school level, and it was amazing because I couldn’t get thrown out of school anymore! I also got a scholarship out of it, but it lasted about six months as I moved to Europe.

Tell us one thing nobody knows about you…
Then it wouldn’t be so secret! There’s really nothing I can think of…

What’s your strangest talent or dinner-party trick?
Imitation. I can imitate seven people within my team, and everyone thinks it’s accurate! I won’t say who because I’ll get into trouble…

Favourite person to follow on Twitter/Instagram?
There’s many. I really like to follow Zlatan [Ibrahimovic], because he keeps it real, and I like Daniel Ricciardo too. Also, LeBron James…

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard over the team radio?
I heard it over the radio, but it wasn’t me racing, if that counts? Once, in a NASCAR Mexico race – I was a guest at a team and I had a radio – the driver and the engineer were arguing about something and started to use some pretty bad words. It turns out that one of the main sponsors in the team had a radio, he didn’t really understand racing but he started arguing with them over the radio about their bad language in the middle of the race! I couldn’t believe what I was listening to.

Favourite moment of a race?
It’s quite subjective. Of course, when you do well and you win or step on the podium that’s your favourite part, but I think you have a lot of good moments within a race – an overtaking move, or if you’re having a terrible race and then the race finishes, that’s probably quite a good moment! In general, I really like the start on the first lap. It’s do-or-die and the decisions you make can set your race.

What’s something that your engineer keeps telling to do?
We speak a lot about the warm-up. A lot. Most of the time, it’s focusing on warm-up because the Pirellis are so delicate and you can gain so much performance if you do it right. If not, then you lose everything.

What’s your usual reaction to “let’s take a group selfie?”
I like to take it. Sometimes, selfies are a bit selfish – someone else takes it and you’re the one trying to look good. So, I try to keep control of that.

Have you ever been on your own Wikipedia page?
Do I have a Wikipedia page? If I do, I haven’t been on it…

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
There’s been many! There’s always one, I’ve spoken to many drivers who have had this a lot, is that you miss the race. You lose something, or you arrive late, and that you dream that the race has started without you!

Where do you keep your trophies?
I raced in go-karts in Mexico and the US, so what I achieved there is split between our holiday house in Mexico and in my room – we have a library at home and I keep some there. I’ve been living in Europe since I was 18, so all of those I have in my flat in Valencia.

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