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How big is your family?
It’s five of us: I have a 9 year old sister, a 14 year old brother and my parents.

French fries or chocolate cake?
It depends on my mood, but most likely French fries.

If you were an animal, what would it be?
An eagle: I could fly! They also have big claws [laughs].

What’s your favourite pastime?
Doing nothing, chilling by the pool… I also like to bike. But usually when I have free time, I just watch Netflix. At the moment, I’m watching at Orphan black. It’s quite cool…

What’s the last book you read?
Mark Webber’s autobiography. I like reading books. Usually when I travel, I have a book with me.

If you could be any film character, who would it be?
I’m tempted to say the Wolf of Wall Street [laughs]. No actually, Christian Bale’s version of Batman.

Can you tell us one thing nobody knows about you?
I would have loved being a pop star, or a movie star. The problem is I am a terrible singer so I guess that would be an issue [laughs].

Favourite person to follow on social media?
PREMA Racing. Even before I raced with them, I used to follow them. I think they’re very good with their content.

What’s the best thing about racing?
The whole experience you take from racing… You can apply it to your normal life. I like that.

What’s your favourite moment of a race?
If you have a good race, obviously the podium. Otherwise, the start: it’s where everything happens. It’s a decisive moment.

Your biggest rival this season?
Definitely my teammates. They have been my reference for the past few races. It has been quite interesting and fun how I fare against them.

Your favourite person in your team?
I like all of them, but maybe Andreas [Jenzer]. He is a character. I really like him!

Do you prefer to have a teammate who is faster or slower than you?
Overall slower because I don’t want my teammate to be faster all the time. You always want a fast teammate, but you want to beat him. So a bit of both I guess.

Define yourself as a driver in three words.
Calm, smart and collected.

What is your non-racing dream?
Being a pop star [laughs]. Or maybe an actor because the singing is truly a handicap I have! Probably actor would suit me better. In a comedy!

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