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In the beginning

I was looking at the Formula 1 race in Hungary, then one guy said we should test a go kart, and it started. I did four years of go karts, this is three years of Formula cars now, so it’s been pretty quick up to here: I would say it’s probably the traditional way to get to here!


I just do normal training, physical training, and also a bit of mental training so you are always fully prepared for the race weekend. We always do some simulation work before the weekend, and also we do a lot of work with the team, looking at the data and all that sort of thing: just pretty normal stuff.

Race weekend routine

I have my traditional warm up, which I do always to get ready: throwing tennis balls and that sort of thing to just wake up, and then jump in the car. I don’t really do anything on the mental side on the race weekends: that’s more for my free time, between races. Nothing more than this: that’s the way we do things in Finland, and it works for me!

On the starting grid

You are just driving around, kind of getting your mental space together for the start, and you go moment by moment. You’re not really planning ahead, because you have to be ready for anything. In my view you can’t plan, you just have to see what happens when the laps start.

The start

We start racing: that’s it! Obviously you know it’s going to be a start, the hair rises and the adrenalin comes up, but I’d say it’s the same for everyone in the paddock: you try just to think of the moment you’re in at the time, you can’t think or plan about what will happen later, you just have to be ready for anything to happen, just to react to what happens around you.

Back home:

Normally I just go home, see some friends and chill out, do some training afterwards and do something to get your mood different: as I’m from Finland I normally go fishing with one of my friends, see my girlfriend, and then start to get ready for the next race weekend.

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