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07:00 – Wake up
07:30 – Eat my amazing breakfast which I bring to every race with me: overnight oats soaked in water (overnight if that wasn’t obvious) mixed with yoghurt and fruit in the morning
08:00 – Drive to the circuit in our super nice Mercedes CLA AMG rental which we had for the weekend
09:00 – Morning meeting with the team to talk about the day ahead
09:30 – Pre session warm up with my Trainer Aleix to get me feeling ready and in the zone to try and set some purple sectors
10:00 – Free Practice starts
11:00 – Debrief with the engineers to talk about how we can improve for qualifying. This didn’t take long as I was fairly pleased with the session. This always puts a smile on their face hearing what a great job they are doing 😉
11:30 – Sprint over to the Formula 1 paddock to meet up with Sahara Force India ahead of my FP1 session with them. Sprinting in 30° heat in jeans and a t shirt wasn’t the best idea, but I was very excited so I didn’t care if I arrived sweaty!
12:00 – Pre session meeting with SFI

13:00 – FP1 starts in Formula 1. This was an amazing experience having jumped straight from GP3 into a Formula 1 car. That took a bit of time adjusting to the speed and downforce of the car
13:30 – Trying to learn as much as I can and drive as quick as I can in the space of around 6 laps, not the easiest task in the world 😉
14:00 – More of the above
14:30 – FP1 finishes. By the time I arrive back into the pit lane, I do a quick de brief over the radio to the team to let them know in which areas I struggled and how I believe we could improve. This totally takes around 5-10 mins. I jump out of the car and walk back into the engineering office ready for the full debrief at 14:45
14:45 – We have a debrief over the intercom system talking with all of the engineers at the circuit, as well as all of the team members back at Silverstone working for Force India
14:55 – A very quick Debrief for me as I have to rush back into the drivers’ room to get changed into my GP3 ART race gear. While I’m getting changed, I hear the GP3 cars being driven from the support pitlane to the F1 pitlane ready for qualifying

16:00 – Once all of the GP3 cars had entered the pitlane, my car had been towed behind a golf buggy to the paddock as there was simply no time for me to get back and drive it here
16:05 – I sprint to the pitlane with my helmet on, seeing all of the drivers already lined up in the pitlane waiting for the green light for qualifying to start
16:10 – I jump into the car, my engineer Yann shows me some data from FP1 as I had no time to see that after the session and then, the green lights shows and that’s the start of qualifying
17:00 – After jumping straight from a Formula 1 car into a GP3 car, that took a lot of adjusting. Considering in Formula 1 you arrive into a corner around 50kph faster and then still brake around 25 metres later, that took a lot of readjusting to find my references again. Nevertheless after a tough start to qualifying, we put it on Pole by 3 tenths!! I gave it everything and it was certainly the best lap I have produced all year, it was almost perfect! An unbelievable result for myself and the team after jumping straight from F1 into GP3

17:30 – After celebrating the Pole position with the team, we do a quick debrief of qualifying before I head back over to Force India to finish my debrief with them before the start of their FP2
18:00 – FP2 starts for Formula 1 and I’m here with Force India listening into their session
19:30 – FP2 finishes and I have my media session to go over my FP1 experience, as you can tell there was no time between FP1 and my qualifying
20:00 – Formula 1 drivers briefing – this was my first experience of an F1 drivers briefing, so that was very interesting from my side to see how they approach the briefings and what they had to say – and actually, it was very, very similar information as to what we hear in GP3
21:00 – Dinner time!!! Time to dig into some lovely food from the hospitality to top of a great day
21:30 – Time to jump back into our Mercedes and go to the hotel
22:30 – After calling my girlfriend to tell her all about my day and forgetting to ask her about her day, it was time to sleep
00:00 – Sweet dreams

  ISSUE 114 GP3
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